About Us

Innovation. Passion. And Best-in-Class Service.

Established in 2004, Techquidation is a service supply chain innovator that provides bottom line improvement to retail and mobile technology users. Whether we are performing technology surveys or analyzing parts consumption and repair costs, our goal is the same: to understand all aspects of your business and help you think creatively about ways to enhance your bottom line.

Our comprehensive consultative approach allows us to get an in-depth understanding of your company’s operations and solve the problems that other service supply chain companies often overlook. With more than two decades of experience, we’re able to leverage our industry knowledge so that you reap the benefits.

Our dedication to developing innovative new service supply chain solutions is constantly growing, and our commitment to delivering only the highest quality work is almost radical in nature. We invite you to share your company’s greatest service challenges  and contract Techquidation and learn what it is like to have a truly collaborative solution provider. To start the conversation, contact us or call 678-213-4094 today.