DID YOU KNOW that there were over 3,600 power outages in the United States last year? The average duration of a power outage was 43 minutes. The number and duration of power outages continues to increase every year. Is your vital IT equipment protected? Without adequate power protection, your systems are vulnerable to data loss and corruption when a power outage occurs. That 43 minutes of down time and lost productivity could increase exponentially because of data re-entry or recovery of corrupted systems.

Techquidation partners with Eaton, a leader in power management solutions. Eaton’s line of Uninterruptable Power Supplies are available in different sizes and capacities for protecting desktops, network closets, POS systems, servers, and even data centers. Eaton’s UPSs feature Advance Battery Management, which maintains the battery and alerts you of a battery failure before it becomes a problem. Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software allows you to monitor all your UPSs on your network from a single location.

With many different options available, our team will help you choose the right UPS you need. Contact us today to learn more about the available UPS options.

Eaton UPS Technologies

Eaton’s advance battery management technology extends the life of UPS batteries by optimizing the charging cycle. Advance battery management also alerts you in advance when a battery begins to fail. Knowing exactly when you need to replace the battery, instead of guessing, will avert unexpected downtime during power outages and enable you to effectively perform preventative maintenance.

Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manger software is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor all your Eaton UPSs on the network.  See power draw, power events, and errors from a single console.  Intelligent Power Manager integrates into VMware allowing you to automate transfer and/or suspension of your virtual machines when a power event occurs.