Are You Ready for Your Verifone EMV Upgrade?

As the October 2015 EMV deadline approaches for indoor Point of Sale terminals, many dealers are scrambling to find contractors that are capable of handling this upgrade. After reviewing hundreds of these installs we would like to provide you this check list to insure you are thinking about all the issues you need to consider before your new units are installed.

  • Have your locations been surveyed by the installing contractor?
    • What POS do I have? Before installing Commander, determine if I have the dedicated power outlets needed. Does the front counter require any modifications due to the new foot print of the systems?
    • Do I have a Back Office System?
    • How many registers do I have?
    • What dispenser type and model card readers do I have? How many?
    • Is there a mix of old and new dispensers?
    • Am I currently using Verifone SPA/SPI with just 1 pair of 2-wire coming from the pumps (Gilbarco only) or standard 4-wire (2 pairs of 2-wires) coming from the pumps? Are there any dispenser firmware upgrades required?
    • Do I have any house accounts that might require special programming?
    • Do I offer discounts for carwash or other specials?
    • Do I offer cash and/or credit pricing?
    • Do I utilize a third party private loyalty program?
    • Have the correct new PIN pads been ordered?
    • Are the current scanners 2D capable? (If unsure, refer to this tool. ) If not, it makes sense to upgrade at time of install.
    • Are new receipt printers included in my equipment bundle? If not, I might want to upgrade them now to save labor and trip charges later.


  • Understand what you need to know about the new Verifone POS with Commander Site Controller.
    • Can my existing price book be carried over into the new POS system?
      • Answer: Yes, there are ways to do this.  This should be scheduled in advance.
    • Do I need to fill out and submit forms for my credit card network, communication network, or loyalty programs?
      • Answer: Some brands require that a new EPOS form be filled out to request new credit network terminal ID’s. Make sure you allow enough time to secure it prior to install day.
    • How do I perform cashier functions?
      • Make sure you understand what training resources are available in advance and on the day of install.  There will always be training needs related to cash/credit and/or loyalty acceptance.


  • Manager Function Training
    • How do I perform manager functions? This is some of the most valuable training you need to insist upon.  Your manager must understand the basics, or they will feel overwhelmed and unable to assist with training their store personnel.  Consider the following functions and questions:
      • Changing prices, adding new merchandise, adding new employees, inventory
      • Accessing electronic journal, Report Navigator, Transaction Viewer, Configuration Client
      • Do I need a computer to access and use these programs?
      • What web browsers and operating systems are compatible with these programs?
      • How do I process and review my reports? Cashier, shift, day, month, year.
      • Who can I contact for support? What credentials and information do I need to provide when calling the Verifone Help Desk?
        • Answer: Know your Verifone Service Site ID.
      • How do I perform my own POS system back-ups and how often?
        • Answer: We recommend once a month at a minimum.

Techquidation believes that providing you useful information is part of our service. We will continue to post articles which keep you informed and thinking ahead of what comes next.


Best Regards,

Jim Buie

Account Manager