Board-Level Repair Services That Lower Your Costs

Epson Authorized Service Center for POS Printers

Techquidation is an authorized service center for Epson POS printers. If you have a new Epson receipt printer or an older Epson impact printer, our team can service it and make it run like new again using genuine Epson parts.

Maintaining your technology hardware assets is vital to your success. That’s why we offer repair services that can lower your overall cost of ownership and help you make the most of aging or defective equipment. Rather than focusing on repairing specific products, we focus on resolving specific problems, troubleshooting products from multiple manufacturers, and performing component-level repair work on a wide range of equipment, including circuit boards.

From PCs to printers, barcode scanners to servers, our team of engineers is uniquely equipped to repair a variety of data and telecommunications products. Best of all, we’re capable of reverse engineering most products on the market today. We repair:

  • Portable data terminals, tablet PCs and laptops
  • PCB – SMT, through hole and BGA technologies
  • LCD – inverter boards, PCBs, back light and polarizer replacement
  • Printers
    • Receipt
    • Label
    • Laser
    • Thermal
    • Inkjet
    • Dot-Matrix
  • PCs and servers
  • DVR and security cameras
  • Specialty equipment

Think It Can’t Be Fixed? Think Again.

Are you having odd or quirky issues with your equipment and the manufacturer says it can’t be fixed? Our board-level repair capabilities have enabled us to repair items that are often deemed non-repairable by other repair providers and manufacturers. Before you invest in all-new equipment, contact us or call 678.213.4094 to see how Techquidation can help you.