Warehousing and Logistics

Flexible Warehousing and Logistics Solutions

Need help managing spare parts inventory – both good and defective? Techquidation can help. We can also store finished goods while awaiting deployment, stage your equipment for installation and even manage your existing inventory if you’re facing staff or facility size reductions.forklift

Do you have a plan for your retired or defective assets? Should they be repaired, resold or recycled? With our innovative reverse logistics solutions, we can help answer these and other questions, and we’re fully capable of handling your needs every step of the way, including de-installation, collection, transportation, repair, recycling and resale of retired and defective assets.

Short-Term Storage Solutions

Looking for a storage solution for a few pallets – or a few boxes? Our flexible warehousing solutions are ideal for times when your storage needs aren’t quite demanding enough to require leasing new space or the services of a larger warehousing provider. If you need space in a hurry and self-storage is not an option, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 678.213.4094.