Techquidation is proud to offer software solutions from Wasp Barcode Technologies including: MobileAsset, Inventory Control, and WaspTime.  These solutions are great for small and medium size businesses that need to track or manually track inventory, assets, or employee time punches. 
We also provide installation, configuration, and training services for these Wasp products allowing you to use the software’s full benefits.

Wasp MobileAsset

Asset tracking is something that every company should be doing.  Knowing when you purchased equipment, how long the warranty is, service contracts, and how long it has been in service helps you better plan and budget you new equipment needs.  

Do you sign out equipment to customers or employees?  MobileAsset tracks check ins and outs of equipment with full email notification of upcoming due and past due check ins.

MobileAsset Benefits and Features:

  • Manage assets on any device: computers, tablets, Android / iOS, Mobile Computers
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses from lost equipment
  • Track cost, depreciation, and maintenance of assets
  • Implement maintenance schedules of assets to prolong service life
  • Print customized barcode tags for assets and locations plus check in/out receipt

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Wasp Inventory Control

Wasp Inventory Control is great for small businesses that need to track inventory.  Simple to use, Inventory Control streamlines inventory processes including receiving, auditing, picking, and shipping. Ensure accurate inventory counts to keep stocks levels needed for customer demand while reducing your inventory write-offs.

Benefits and Features:

  • Manage inventory at multiples sites and locations
  • Track by serial number or lot number
  • Create and print barcode tags for items, sites, and locations
  • Real time update of inventory with RF Professional and RF Enterprise version

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Tracking and compiling employee time sheets manually for payroll can be very time consuming task.  WaspTime is an automated time and attendance system designed to simplify your payroll process. WaspTime can integrate into Quickbooks for payroll as well as major payroll services like ADP, PayChex, and PayChoice.

Benefits and Features:

  • Eliminate math and re-keying errors by automatically summarizing employee time sheets and hours for payroll
  • Allow HR staff to easily review in/out punches by week or entire pay period
  • Capture and automatically process employee time, including arrival, breaks, lunch, and departure
  • Track overtime, sick days, vacation time, and conference time away
  • Supports weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payroll
  • Choice of time clock options: Biometric, RFID, and Barcode

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